Your local, independent dentists in Christchurch

Your local, independent dentists in Christchurch

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400 Greers Road, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8053

Phone 03 352 6233 | Book Online

400 Greers Road, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8053

Specials and Payment Options

We aim to be affordable dentists in Christchurch without compromising our high quality service. Here are the details of our payment plans and specials to help you access the best dental treatments in Christchurch.
Affordable dentist special

Full examination and 2 X-rays for $59

Available to new patients.

Bush Dental gift vouchers

Gift Vouchers available
Available in an amount of your choosing. Vouchers can be used for any dental treatment or products and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Call 03 352 6233 to order yours today.

Dental treatment is FREE for patients 13-18 years

Dentist free treatment
For patients between 13 and 18 years of age (NZ resident or citizen), treatment is free under the Adolescent Oral Health Scheme. Children and patients under the age of 13 should be referred to a dental therapist for free exams. While we are happy to treat children, we will have to charge private fees.

Tooth Whitening Kit – Colgate® Optic White™ Professional

Colgate Optic White Professional Tooth Whitening Kit Price: $220
Whitening system formulated to remove tooth discolouration due to foods, tobacco, and other stain-causing materials. Dramatically whiter teeth in 3 days, full results in 7-10 days. A custom fit mouthpiece will be made for you within a couple of days. You’ll then add the special gel formula into the mouthpiece and wear once-a-day for 30 minutes, for about 1 week or until you are happy with tooth shade. The kit comes complete with 4 tubes of gel and we’ll ensure that you know exactly what to do.

Payment Plans

dentist christchurch payment plan
While payment is required at the time of your dentist appointment, we are happy to work with you on an individual dental payment plan. Discretion is assured.

Finance cards and member affiliations

Dentist payment options
We are able to accept QCard and GE Finance cards and are a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider.

We can treat ACC and WINZ patients

christchurch dentist government
We are able to treat ACC and WINZ patients and can refer to the Charity Hospital and Canterbury District Health Board if appropriate.
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